Adult Skateboard Camp

Think that skateboard camp is just for kids? Think again! Adult Skateboard Camp is a program designed for skateboarders (21+) that want to disconnect and unplug from the “real world”, skate some of the best parks in the country, and experience the Pacific Northwest.

Adult skateboard campers come from all walks of life. Doctors, lawyers, tech geeks, fresh-out-of-collegers, and wanderlusters alike are all a perfect fit for Windells Adult Skateboard campers. Skateboarding is the focus, but its our community of fun, outgoing and exceptional adults that make this camp special. If you want to completely indulge in camp life and don’t want to think about any logistics (other than getting to the Portland, Oregon Airport), hop in the van and let the Windells skateboard guides take the reins.

Skateboarders of all abilities (as long as their 21 or older) get to travel and work with our trained skateboard guides to progress on a personal level. Whether you are learning to roll in on the quarter, figure out that smith grind, or find the right line in the Concrete Jungle; this is the right program for you.


Adult Camp Activities –  Our hosts and guides will plan on campus activities throughout the Camp Session, giving our campers the true Northwest skateboard experience. Adult campers have youth-free (but still youthful) access to the Concrete Jungle, Backyard Bowl, Courtyard Plaza, our 14’x14′ Max Air Super Tramp, to our indoor skatepark (B.O.B.), which plays host to after hours skate and trampoline sessions while the rest of camp is dark.


Get in the van with our Adult Skateboard Camp tour guide and skate some of Portland’s best skateparks, experience the city, and try some of world renowned cuisine. From there, hop back in the van and head to the picturesque Oregon Coast to skate the Lincoln City skatepark, grab some seafood, and spend a in the casino (put it all on Black). Wake up, take a quick dip in the Pacific Ocean and skate a couple other parks on the way back to Portland.

For more information on Adult Skateboard Camp, or to register over the phone – give us a shout directly in Oregon at 503.622.3736 or visit the registration link below