Windells Camp is rooted in the progression of action sports. Skateboarding has evolved tremendously in the years since Tim Windell and four time snowboard World Champion, Craig Kelly, invited the best riders to Whistler, B.C., for some of the first competitions. Tim eventually made the move to Mt. Hood, Oregon, where he brought his vision to life: a revolutionary action sports environment that centralizes in athletic development and most importantly, fun!

Our Camp totals over 89,500 square feet of skateable terrain. The Concrete Jungle, Backyard Bowl, Courtyard Plaza, and B.O.B. make up some of the best skateboarding terrain in the Pacific Northwest. Our team of skate coaches are knowledgeable, experienced, and work with campers at every skill level. Roll around our Private Campus on any given day throughout the summer, and you run the risk of crossing paths with well-known skateboarders of the likes of Silas Baxter-Neal, David Gravette, Al Partanen, Chet Childress, Willis Kimbel, and more!


That is our founding philosophy: we can do it better... better than we did last summer, better than we did today, and better than the rest. We are always improving, always striving to make it a better experience for our all our campers: boys and girls, kids and adults, and those new to skateboarding all the way up to those working hard for that next video part or podium at the X Games. 

We pour our hearts into Windells Camp each summer because we love skateboarding. It's not just the act of skating we love, but also the experiences we have, the people we meet, and most importantly the lives it changes. For that reason our mission is:


So we invite you to come skate with us, to learn something new, to have some life-changing fun, and to meet some new folks from around the globe who share your passion of skateboarding. We hope to see you this summer!

Yours very truly,

Kevin English

Executive Director, & Co-Owner